Meta Pins for the Pin Collector

Created by Mei Snyder

Meta Pins Enamel Pins

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Almost ready to ship!
22 days ago – Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 05:29:36 PM

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!

I have received the Pins and I LOVE THEM!! You all should have received an email this morning from Backerkit asking you to confirm your addresses. They will lock in 2 days so make sure you update them if need be! I plan to start shipping this weekend. I don't know if I will get all of them done this weekend but the first batch should start going out soon. I have taken pictures of the pins too!!

Some Of the Pictures I took of the Meta Pins

Manu photos & My pin Collection
2 months ago – Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 12:52:51 AM

Those of you who chose to sign up for my email newsletter have already seen a few of these photos but last night I got a few more photos! 

First up we have the molds photo:

I thought you pin collectors would appreciate such a photo!

Next we have some photos of the (so far) completed pins:

My Pin Collection

As you guys should know by now, this pin series was inspired by my own excessively large pin collection (I DEFINITELY have a small pin problem). If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my collection but if you haven't been on my Instagram I thought you would appreciate this. Please keep in mind I ALREADY NEED MORE BOARDS! *whispers* send help

Paid for Production to Start
3 months ago – Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 11:00:23 PM

Hello Everyone!

I have paid my manufacturer to start production. I still need to get back from them artwork proofs for me to approve, once that is does the pins will finally start being made! Right now is holiday season so all manufacturers are filled with orders, so that might slow them down. If they are still on track to get things done at the same speed as normal then the pins would arrive around the same time I am having Friendsgiving, or during a local convention I am running a booth at. This means the earliest I would be able get them and have time to quality check them is December. However I am also a bit worried about shipping things during December since that is the month when the most amount of post goes missing. So I am hoping to start Shipping things during Early January. I appreciate your understanding, and I loved all of the wonderful notes you left on your Backerkit surveys! I will keep you all posted with any manufacturer photos I receive! 

Please remember if you have any questions for me, please check the FAQ section on this Kickstarter Campaign before messaging me. 

12 of you have not finished your survey! Please compete your survey ASAP.

Some Sweet/funny Survey Replies
3 months ago – Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 08:37:31 PM

Heya Everyone! I wanted to take a second to remind you all to fill out the survey if you haven't already! There are only 35 people left that need to fill their surveys out! Remember, I am closing the surveys on Saturday, so please don't wait! 

If your email for your survery did not come please search "Backerkit" in your email inbox and spam box! If that still shows nothing, please click here and follow the steps to get your lost survey!

Funny/Sweet Survey Replies

As most of you know there was a question allowing you to add notes, and there were a lot of you that made me smile. I wanted to share some of my favorites!


  • Congratulations on a successful project!! I’m so excited that the freebie pin was   unlocked.
  • You rock! These are so much fun!!
  • This is a great idea, I love your art! Keep up the good work!
  • I love your pins and I hope you have a good day!
  • Thank you so much for these pins, I can't wait to see them!!
  • Absoloutley LOVE this kickstarter!!!!
  • These are so fun! I love meta pins :)
  • I love this idea so much, every design is perfect!
  • Really looking forward to more pin projects in the future, thank   you for all your hard work!
  • Thanks for the pinssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • These pins are amazing and I love them so much! 💕
  • This was such a clever pin idea and I love it. I think its a nice subtle way to represent our passion. Thank you so much.


  • Your pins were attacking me, I just had to have some xD
  • Thank you so much for supplying my habit!
  • Loved this Kickstarter!! I recently dove into pin collecting   real hard so this hit home for me 😂 can’t wait to see the pins in hand!!
  • Thank you so much for making these meta pins! I have never felt   so seen in my life! Bahaha! <3
  • Moar pins!!!
  • Boy did I relate to this kickstarter! Thanks so much for   starting it and I'm looking forward to getting my pin :D

But there was one answer that stood out to me as my Absolute favorite! Because I feel like we are kindred spirits... on my first year of collecting I added up all that i spent, and I learned i bought nearly 600 in my first year 😅:

  • I'm so glad you made these bc these are soooo me! Legit started collecting just last year and I've probably already amassed over 500 pins.   😅🙈Which, considering how much most pins cost...well...I   definitely have a problem.😅😅😅

I appreciate you all, thank you for brightening my day!

3 months ago – Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 01:51:15 AM

This is for those who are international putting notes asking if I will alter the cost on the customs forms or mark as gift. I am sorry but I can not and will not mark the value of your order lower, or change the order to be marked as a gift instead of merchandise. To do so would be a federal crime and if caught I could be heavily fined and or put in prison. I did put this in the Risks and Challenges section on the Kickstarter, and I did note that I have no control over customs fess on the FAQs Section.  

Sorry for the firm update, but more than a few people have asked me to alter the customs form to have a lower cost and to say gift instead of merchandise, and I needed to be very clear that I can not do something that I could get into serious trouble for. 

Gift Wrapping

For those of you confused, this is different than gift wrapping. I will happily gift wrap an order if you select the gift wrap add on, but that is something different than the gift section on the customs fee.